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Preservation and restoration of antiques and any other objects,
We restore furniture and antiques using traditional methods and finishing, depending on style and period of the piece. We recycle furniture and objects, transform them into other pieces, applied art or any requested items.

We also do:
Guarantied woodworm fumigation within any furniture
General upholstery
Metal restoration and cleaning such as copper, brass, bronze, silver, gold, etc.
Painting restoration (gold finishing and polychromy)
Variety of surfaces restoration, such as: ceramic, porcelain, plaster cast, glass, paper, leather, etc.
Inner fabric covering of pencil cases, boxes, jewellers, drawers, soffits, desk covers, board game tables.
Leather covering of desks and tables.
Painting of furniture and other objects with different finishing: stripped, patina, cracked, etc.
Home service - varnishing
Carpentry services
Collaboration with professional marble masons Work and services

If you need a restoration of your furniture or you are interested in buying any of those already restored, please contact us!